Bronze Stacker Bangle 3mm


Bronze Stacker Bangle 3mm


A beautifully designed and made classic wire bangle created by hand using traditional workshop methods.

Each bangle is cut to length, soldered and shaped on steel mandrels to a uniform round shape and work hardened. The bangle is then filed, buffed and lathe polished. They are approx. 3mm wide.

Each bangle can be highly polished or have a hammered finish.

Traditionally a perfect gift for an eighth wedding anniversary.

The price is for one bangle.

Bronze will darken in colour due to oxidisation which is a natural process of the metal. To remove this simply place your jewellery in white wine vinegar then rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cloth. This will restore the original colour and brightness and can be repeated whenever necessary.

Sizes available:

Small – 62mm. inside diameter
Medium – 65mm. inside diameter
Large – 68mm. inside diameter
X Large- 72mm. inside diameter

Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 8%-12% tin and has been used for making jewellery since the Bronze Age.

Bronze may not be suitable for you if you have very sensitive skin. It may also make your skin temporarily discolour due to the copper element.

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